Reflexive and sentimental debut of Erudite Stoner

Tripping is constant in Erudite Stoner work (Crop in artwork by Nando Freitas)
Important note: text written by a non-native english speaker. If you find any mistake, please write us a comment!

Erudite and stoner are words generally not related. It’s a proposital paradox that defines brazilian violonist Erudite Stoner. He brings two opposite sides to the same album, with balance and harmony. Instrumental parts are filled with sadness and hope, horror and joy, minimalism and complexity. All at the same time.

During the 34 minutes of this self titled, we are accompained only by the guitar of Matheus Novaes, the Erudite Stoner. He is responsible for composition and execution of the whole album. Release took place in 2015 and is his first work. In his own words, tracks combine classical influences with “dark doom and minimalist post-rock to riffs of stoner rock and melancholic shoegaze”.

“Other music styles appears in your life along with your musical maturiry. They become references”, he tells, about the stoner charge on his erudite gutiar playing. “Many genres, although different, are connected”. In some cases, those relations are more evident, like stoner rock and doom metal, and post-rock and classical music.

But, most important than genres and ways of playing the guitar, are the feelings. Matheus’ quality is eye (and ear) popping, of course, but the goal of each note and chord is to convey emotion. The mellow finger style brings heavy riffs, accelerate and desacelerate. Brings tension and melancholy. Nostalgy of Far Away From City Walls get togheter with sadness and strangeness of Alienist. The last is based on the work of Machado de Assis, one of Brazil’s greatest authors.

In most of this disc, our minds are somewhere else (Crop in artwork by Nando Freitas)

Erudite Stoner’s nine tracks takes us to a journey. Sand Path, Far Away From City Walls, There is no Home are just few examples. Beyond the titles, music also takes us to other places. Someting more introspective than a roadtrip through your country though; a sensation closer to self knowledge, different walks through different lands of your own soul.

Tracks often speaks about an unknown “where” – There is no nome, Roads to Somewhere, Ride To Nowhere, for instance, does not mention where the protagonist came nor is going. Nothing was planned – In Erudite Stoner, the beauty is in the coincidence. There is no guide, nothing is constant. Compositions come by inner reflection and those feelings I mentioned just happen in the moment of creation.

Man behind the strings is reserved and don’t like discussing personal life. Name Erudite Stoner is the only appearing and there is no information online about him. At first, there is no sign of live presentations. It’s hard to tell how much of himself the tracks carry, but certainly there is personal identity in each one. “Composing is a form of finding myself”, he defines.

Erudite Stoner is available to buy  at Bandcamp. It costs US$7.

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