A trip to psychedelic India with Cosmic Letdown

By the time of their first album, people compared Cosmic Ledown with Pink Floyd during Syd Barrett era (Photo by: Cosmic Letdown)

Important note: text written by a non-native english speaker. If you find any mistake, please leave us a comment!

The opening played in a sitar shows us the way: the spiritual side of India. We are slowly dragged away from Earth, levitating until we are out of this planet. In the Caves, second play by russian Cosmic Letdown creates a calm, meditative atmosphere, unshaken even by distorted guitars.

In the Caves was released February 15th, by Sound Effect Records. In general, intend to provide a hypnosis state. Their sound is repetitive and the jams adds colours to the composition. The result is a sense of conexion between each of five tracks, in a unity bond from the start to the end.

Even the art and the track titles suggest cycles: (something of someone) start In the Caves, then is out in Terrestrial, expands in Under Space and Outer Space, and comes back In the Caves 2. Considering the onipresent influence of Indian music, it might be a metaphor about Hinduism and its belief of birth, growth, death and reincarnation. Or Plato’s cave, which is everywhere. I’m not sure.

Cosmic Letdown experiments with different string instruments in their new album, In the Caves (Photo by: Cosmic Letdown)

This toughts are coming because of heavy use of Indian instruments togheter with electric distortion. There is sitar, played by Artyon Yegorov (also vocalist and guitarrist) and also tanpura, instrument to complement melodies, played by Fran Rayner. Other members are Dimitry Koriev (guitars); Anatoly Fydorov (drums) and Roman Prokhorsky (bass).

Anastasiya Vasilieva is a guest singer in some tracks. Still, the album goes in instrumental oriented. Her voice echoes in some tracks in a phantasmagorical and translucid. – in  Terrestial, i.e. It’s like she’s singing in a cave (got it? hah) and we are listening from outside. Evokes something spiritual, which I could explain better if I actually knew something about Russia and India.

That Indian shape is not a permanent trait of Cosmic Letdown. Their first album, Venera, was a more common psychedelic discs, imbued with some of the sounds we listen on their new disc. Least atmospheric and improvised. Those russians are not the inventors of this style of Asian instruments along psych music, but does it very well.

In the Caves is available at BandCamp. You can pay how much you want for digital download, or buy limited versions in cassette or CD for US$7. You can also find them at SoundCloud.

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