Giant Gutter from Outer Space remains chaotic in Stumm

Hernan Borges and Johnny Rosa united for the first time 15 years ago, more or less (Photo by: Bruna Torrezani)

Important note: text written by a non-native english speaker. If you find any mistake, please leave us a comment!

First thing I asked Johnny Rosa, drummer for Giant Gutter from Outer Space (GGfOS, in short) was if they were going to do something slower in their new EP. Answer was: “I don’t know, we did not think about it. I’m curious to see if it is true”. Well, Stumm was released April 6th and here is your chance to opine about the new tracks, created by him and bassist Hernan Borges.

My first opinion was that yes, they were doing more doom sounds. That’s what I tought while listening to Nowness, teaser released (and renamed) in Bandcamp. I was wrong. It might sound cliché, but is the chaos that keep ordering their compositions. The musics starts and finish to and from nowhere, but they are organized as both musicians plays and creates vortexes. The songs are neither slow nor fast. These speed conceps are too simple to describe the sounds they brings us since their debut, in Set Adrift.

Stumm is a german word for mute, or silent. This choice is curious, because GGfOS is about being noisy. Sturm (another german word, meaning storm) starts slowly, but soon we can verify the loud playing. Track have mellow harmonies, but then dirty and aggressive riffs kickes in, like a musical bipolarity (ew, I should not romanticize mental illnesses). Ruinen (ruins) its more about desolation, made by distortion and ability/technique of Hernan.

We talked with Johnny about origins and sounds of GGfOS (Photo by: Andreza Francisco)

Their daily creative routine is just as chaotic as these tracks. “We never play the same way”, Johnny tells me. “We are influenced by each moment, by humour, by fun and by pleasure of doing what we do. The sound will correspond to these stimuli”. That hapenned in their mini tour at São Paulo, in dates next to their recordings at Family Mob Studio. “Well, we don’t define a set for our shows. We play what we feel like to, absorbed by the moment (and some ‘other stuff’, of course)”, he says, jokingly.

Stumm was recorded at SP too – and composed in some days. It was made as part of the Converse Rubber Tracks project, which meant quicken every step of the proccess. In two weeks, the tracks were ready. Got into the studio about 11 AM and by 7 PM with everything mixed and mastered. Sinewave, Terranean Records e Splitting Sound Records will do the digital releasing. There is also a video for Ruinen.

People say they play like a four-piece band… And it might be true (Photo by: Andreza Francisco)

Stumm is the first of a serie of new music programmed for the next days. The Edge Within is coming in April, and their first full lenght, Black Bile, is going to be released in early May. Two tracks are already in Bandcamp. It gives us an ideia of what to expect.

All this creativity can happen because of the bond of Johnny and Hernan. This let to improvisations in Stumm, even with lack of time to rehearse. They met 20 years ago, in the underground circuit of Curitiba’s extreme rock and metal. “We play together since 15 years ago, maybe. I believe that this enabled us to dialogue with certain fluidity”, describes the drummer. Besides GGfOS, they play in anmod, , a death-grind band.

There is a lot of things hapenning with Giant Gutter from Outer Space in the next few weeks, including releases in physical media and a tour for some brazilian states. Be sure to join them at Facebook and Bandcamp,  where all their music is available.

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